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I have been experimenting with brushes today. I’m considering doing some illustrations based on The Secret History by Donna Tartt in this kind of style so maybe this one could be Richard Papen, since he doesn’t really give a description of himself…
mage-of-hearts asked : Your booth was really great at mcm

Thank you <3

One of many new badge designs for MCM Manchester next week.
Bionic Byron Comic on   


Lord Byron is mad, bad and dangerous to know. Or at least he was until a vampire attack took his life in Greece. Now, thanks to the help of his old friend Mary Shelley and Ada his child prodigy of a daughter, Byron is back with a new artificial body. Just in time, seeing as dark supernatural forces are descending on London at the dawn of a new industrial age.

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The Rowan and the Rose Comic on

The storybook/artbook is now finished and available to read here for free. I will also be selling printed copies at London MCM expo at the end of the month.

Artbook preview


Hannibal AU where Will and Hannibal decide to share a house together for money reasons and the whole plot revolves around them trying to smuggle stray dogs and dead bodies into the house without the other one noticing while the theme tune to ‘The Odd Couple’ plays in the background.

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